No Box Shoes

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What are No Box Shoes?

No Box Shoes are quality products from our long-standing vendors that no longer meet their selling standards. We pride ourselves in acquiring these still-in-demand products at a low price and adding value back into them through our decades of experience along with a dedicated team of employees. No Box Shoes are never worn shoes that simply have no box. We tirelessly inspect each and every shoe but because we receive them without a box, they do have light inconsistencies and bruising from storage and transit.

No Box = No Fuss + More Savings

Since these shoes have no box and some light storage wear, we're able to offer these shoes at a huge savings to you. We're not talking about 10% off of retail, we're talking about brag-to-your-friends-what-a-great-deal-you-got % off of retail. Plus, why pay extra for shipping on a shoe box that you'd just throw away anyway? Let us do that for you by compacting and recycling the box here at our warehouse. This will not only save you money, but will help us continue to make a positive impact for our planet.

We have aisle upon aisle of shoes with no box looking for a good home. Do you have room in your home to adopt a pair of No Box Shoes?